Trevor Throop Yoga | Functional Flow
Trevor Throop is a Yoga instructor in Los Angeles, California who specializes in group classes, one-on-one sessions, corporate wellness and more. His initial and advanced training were at the White Lotus Foundation and he is also a graduate of the Yoga Therapy Rx program at Loyola Marymount University.
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Functional Flow


Functional Flow Yoga takes the Yoga practice to a place of practicality and function. The practice of Yoga should serve the practitioner, not the other way around.

Trevor Throop has taken the graceful movements of Flow Yoga and combined them with therapeutic and functional anatomy. Functional Flow is designed to keep you healthy, strong and mobile. Functional Flow classes are a blend of stability and mobility designed to help students grow stronger and more aware of their anatomical structure and alignment, not only in the poses, but also in every day life.

Stable foundations are built which can be carried to more complex poses if appropriate for the student. The same stable foundations can also be worked in simple smaller ways to help any level of student. Trevor’s classes guide you to explore your own functional anatomy and alignment to help you find your best pose, and your best self.

Classes/Private Sessions can be challenging, working on subtleties and intricacies of functionality and experience. They can also be slow and therapeutic building more awareness and space for healing energy through the body.

Functional Flow Fun Facts

  • Structural Alignment – Alignment is based on your one physical structure. Become more aware of habits you hold and begin to build the tools to re-align for more health and wellbeing.
  • Functional Anatomy – Learn about your own anatomical structure and build awareness of how it functions as you flow through the practice.
  • Practical Philosophy – Functional Flow is practical Yoga that uses practical philosophy. Ancient Yoga texts and philosophies are used for the world of today.
  • Subtleties –¬†Functional Flow will help students build a deeper awareness of themselves inside and out. Through the asanas, subtle and small shifts are explored to create a deeper physical connection to the whole body.
  • There is always a WHY – Trevor’s Functional Flow sessions always have a why to them. Why this pose? ¬†Why this alignment? Why that order of poses? Whether to bring awareness, or to work on specific areas of the body sessions are expertly put together to function in each individual.